Miracle Diesel Additives

It is being used with HSD & SKO for D G Sets, Hot Air Generators, & Diesel Vehicles.

An ingredients of ‘miracle’ are completely miscible with high speed diesel & all types of marine & heavy fuels.

Miracle Diesel additive has ability to dissolve gums & sludge, retard water/moisture separation & thus acts as anti- corrosion agent & also to prevent fuel line freezing problems in cold weather.

The combustion kinetics improves to produce a cleaner & faster burn.This results in following:

  • More /near complete combustion.
  • Higher energy/power release per unit of fuel oil due to higher temperature & higher combustion pressure.
  • Reduced carbon formation leads to cleaner engine & hence rate of wear & tear contamination of lube oil reduces drastically thereby increasing useful life of moving parts & the lube oil in the sump. Hence maintenance cost reduces due to increased life spare parts & lube oil.
  • Fuel saving up to 10%.

Mixing Ratio: 1:2000 LTRS.

Miracle Diesel Additives are available in 200 Ltrs & 100 Ltrs drums.

Also available 20 LTRS Box packing containing (5 LT x 04) HDPE Cans

Diesel Additives