Miracle keeps burner, nozzle & heat transfer surfaces clean.Ensures complete combustion & flame homogeneity.
Reduces deposits in boiler or furnaces.Minimises cleaning cycles & maintenance cost.
Ensures reduction in emission.Reduces stack losses & pollution.
Reacts with sludge & sediments.Prevents clogging& chocking of burner & filters thus reduces downtime
Reduces particulate matter & hazardous gases in exhaust.Ensures eco friendly operations & satisfies environmental considerations.
Provides fuel economy by near complete combustion. .Reduction in expenditure on fuel and also contributes in nations fuel saving policy.
Accelerates combustion processThe improved combustion efficiency & thus saving of time, money & energy and increase is productivity
Protects oil circuits from corrosion induced by water.Increases boiler or furnace equipment’s life.

Miracle can be used for all types of crude oils such as FO, LDO, LSHS, CBFS, DIESEL, Mazut 100, Jp54, D2, & SLCO etc