Miracle Furnace Oil Additives:

An Essential Solution for All Marine & Heavy Fuel Oils
Miracle Furnace Oil Additives offer a straightforward and efficient solution for maximizing fuel efficiency and energy utilization in a variety of applications, including Oil Fired Boilers, Thermo Packs, Furnaces, D.G Sets, and Hot Air Generators, among others. Our fuel additive has proven to provide significant benefits, including a minimum 5% direct fuel savings, reduced maintenance downtime, and energy savings associated with preheating furnace oil.
Numerous esteemed clients have attested to the remarkable results achieved with our additive. It has undergone rigorous testing and proven its effectiveness in boilers, heaters, and furnaces, demonstrating not only substantial fuel savings but also a drastic reduction in stoppages caused by line and filter choking, which is virtually eliminated.

Miracle Furnace Additive
Miracle Furnace Additives

Key Benefits of Miracle Furnace Additives:

  1. Increased Calorific Value: Our additive enhances the calorific value of the fuel, resulting in the same volumetric consumption but an increase in heat input and overall output.
  2. Viscosity Reduction: By reducing viscosity, the additive helps decrease the energy required for preheating.
  3. Sludge Dispersant: Acting as a sludge dispersant, our additive keeps fuel lines and filters clean at all times.
  4. Soot and Carbon Cleaning: It acts as a catalyst, effectively loosening and burning off un-burnt fuel and soot depositions on heating surfaces, ensuring optimum heat transfer.
  5. Improved Combustion: The additive promotes absolute clean and complete combustion, enhancing overall system performance.

Application Ratios:

  • For FO, LDO, LSHS, and CBFS: The recommended ratio of addition is 1:2000 LTRS.
  • For Waste Oils: The optimal ratio is 1:1000 LTRS.

Available Packaging:

Miracle Furnace Oil Additives are available in various convenient pack sizes, including 20 LTRS, 50 LTRS, 100 LTRS, and 200 LTRS, catering to different usage requirements.

Our additive has been designed to cater to a wide range of marine and heavy fuel oils, such as FO, LSHS, LDO, CBFS, Mazut 100, Jp54, D2, and SLCO, making it a versatile solution for different industrial needs.

Join our ever-growing list of satisfied customers who have experienced the benefits of Miracle Furnace Oil Additives. Not only will you witness significant fuel savings and increased energy efficiency, but you will also enjoy improved system reliability with reduced maintenance downtime.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to optimize your fuel utilization and achieve cost-effective energy solutions. Choose Miracle Furnace Oil Additives for reliable, cleaner, and more efficient operations across various applications.

Experience the power of innovation and make a positive impact on your bottom line with Miracle Furnace Oil Additives.