Addition of Miracle in the fuel in a ratio recommended for different applications promotes fastest and complete combustion resulting in more energy released from each drop of fuel burned.

Miracle’s action starts in the fuel storage tank from the moment it is added. Normally Water present in fuels dissolves acidic compounds to form corrosive solutions. These products of corrosion can foul pumps, filters & other parts of the system. Miracle absorbs the water contents and thus acts as an anti-corrosive agent.

Miracle also dissolves gum and sludge, oxidised organic compounds which cause fouling of filters, nozzles, heat exchangers, burner assembly tip etc. thus keeping the system clean.

Advanced Heading

Combustion sequence without Miracle


Advanced Heading

Combustion sequence with Miracle


Combustion process includes following steps:

  1. FUEL AUTOMIZATION : Miracle fuel additives works by reducing fuel droplet size and increasing the number of droplets by its surfactant action. This causes increase in total surface area and resulting in more heat energy.
  2. IGNITION & COMBUSTION :Due to catalyst present in Miracle fuel additive, as the temprature rises upto 3000C the double bonds in long chain hydrocarbon modecules are broken down to shorter chain, lighter hydrocarbon molecules are formed which ignite quickly & burn more readily.As the combustion progresses, when the fuel droplet attain temprature level between 3000C & 3500C, certain contents in MFA undergo micro-explosion which results splitting of residual droplet into many microsized droplets thereby increasing the total surface area for second time in the combustion process. This action of secondary automisation contributes further in achivement of near complete combustion.
  3. EMISSION : Due to near complete combustion it becomes possible to reduce excess air to great extent as the formation of carbon / soot & carbon monoxide (CO) is almost eliminated. The amount of residue is negligible hence heat transfer surfaces remain deposite free. The improved heat transfer & reduction in excess air reduces the energy loss through exhaust. Also concentartion of harmful pollutants like carbon monoxide, sodium trioxide, nitrogen oxide are greatly reduced.

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